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A mild and lovely boy with a carefree character. He is wearing a university uniform with a red tie.He was hunted down by HOMRA as a suspect who killed Tatara Totsuka , but his true identity is the First and Silver King, who lost his memory. For dispel the crime, he embarked on the road of seeking truth with the help of Kuroh Yatogami and Neko . After restoring memory, he decided to stop the Colorless King and ending everything. In the end, use the body to ban the king of colorless, and ask the king of the Red to kill Yashiro with the Colorless King.
Suoh Mikoto:
He has a red hair,Yashiro Isana has lived a relatively common, simple life. On the other hand, nothing normal has been happening since the recent homicide of Tatara Totsuka, prominent member of the infamous HOMRA. Seeking vengeance, the Red Clansmen of HOMRA set away to get Yashiro and kill him.Since that, the path of the destiny of Yashiro has quickly developed in an unknowable direction. Here’s an introduction to the main characters.
Isana Yashiro:
which is violent and speechless. In order not to cause strength, he is often in a state of half-sleeping and half-awake. At the beginning of the story, in order to limit the power, the initiative was bound by the Blue King.
It is also an enemy and friend with the Blue King Reisi Munakata. However, he is divided by the position.
It is the king closest to the Wizmann threshold. At the end of the story, he was killed by the patriarchal rite in order not to let the sword of Damocles fall.
Munakata Reisi:
The Blue King and Head of the Special Task Force Unit Scepter 4; the Fourth King. He wears glasses, and has a calm, elegant demeanor. He likes puzzles in his spare time. He is shown to be extremely worried about Mikoto’s safety despite them being enemies, and was immensely frustrated by how Mikoto does not seem to appear to care about his own life at all. As a King, he is strong and powerful as he easily overwhelmed Kuroh without drawing his saber, but the full extent of his power is yet unknown. He is also shown to have no malice towards other clans, or Strains, even going out of his way to rescue Anna Kushina. Neko nicknames him the “Boss with the Glasses”.
Kushina Anna:
The youngest and only female member of HOMRA, she is also a Strain who dresses in gothic lolita fashion. Anna has the ability of perception using her red crystal marbles, which she forms out of her own blood. She lost her parents in an accident, and met Mikoto through her Aunt who was Mikoto’s teacher at the time. She is the mascot character of HOMRA, and is quite emotionally attached to Mikoto. She loved Tatara’s singing, and was his No.1 fan. She has a type of color blindness where she can only recognize the color red. She becomes the next Red King after Mikoto’s death.
Awashima Seri:
Reisi’s second in command and the only female member of Scepter 4. She is wearing a classic Scepter 4 costume.
She has the relationship of bartender and customer with Izumo Kusanagi of HOMRA. He also gave her the nickname ‘Heartless Woman’. She likes anko (red bean paste) to such a degree that Kusanagi, Munakata and Fushimi were all visibly sickened. She is named the “Boob Woman” by Neko. Yashiro made her a temporary clansman to talk to her privately. Seri is very loyal to Munakata and cares deeply about his safety.

Neko is a Strain with heterochromia eyes.She has lots of cute clothes.
She is mischievous, playful and eats a lot like a cat. Though she appears to have the ability to create illusions, shapeshift and becomes invisible at first, it turns out that she has the ability of sensory interference. She has a strong love and affection for Yashiro and will go to great lengths in order to keep him safe. She refers to him as “Neko’s Shiro.” Later it was also revealed that she also has the ability to manipulate people’s memories as well, which is why Yashiro was misled into thinking that he was an ordinary high school student at first. Like Nagare, she was also a survivor of the Kagutsu incident who had gained new powers. Since then, she was forced to manipulate her own memories and live under a new identity as a cat. In the epilogue, she became a student at Ashinaka High School.
Yata Misaki:
HOMRA’s vanguard, he is extremely skilled with a skateboard, which he wields as a weapon. His nickname is “Yatagarasu”. He is impatient and passionate, and dislikes being called by his feminine-sounding first name, which Fushimi often taunts him with. He calls Fushimi by the nickname ‘Saru’, meaning “monkey”. He is also rather short, and has a difficulty talking to girls. He and Fushimi used to be close friends and joined HOMRA together, but after Fushimi betrayed them and joined Scepter 4, the two of them always get into fights when they meet. HOMRA is very important to Yata, and he admires Mikoto a lot. Later he also does his best to support Anna and reconciles with Fushimi.
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