Do you want to be August in the flash?

The Flash has been a TV series for five seasons.Just like other urbanites, after the speed of the storm, Auguste also gained the power from the speed of power, and later, he became the partner of the Flash,  became a serial killer known as “speed.” He is very dangerous, can get the power of speed from other speeds, expend their power, and claim that they are faster than lightning (in the main comics, there are indeed faster than Barry Allen Signs).
After that, he was defeated by the lightning man Barry Allen and the new debut lightning boy, Wally West (Hawley), and he was locked into the speed of the game. During the battle, he was obviously with the aid of advantage of the avatar but it was also positive. It was a slap in the face and was locked into the Tieshan Prison after being defeated.
In the fifth season, the set of white gold suits of the Auguste is loved by many people.Let’s take a look at the details of  Auguste cosplay costume.
The whole piece is made of white spandex leather, and the black lines outline the body. There are also golden lines and patterns on the clothes to decorate the clothes, which are made using PU leather. The shape of the golden lines on the arms and legs are both thin and pointed, reflecting the fast character of the Auguste. The most important thing is that on the chest, a lightning-like pattern is embroidered with golden PU skin, which is the symbol of the Auguste.To make the clothes look perfect, we used a hidden zipper.
The Auguste’
s gloves are also made of golden PU leather without any decoration. This pair of gloves matches the role of the Auguste, simple and neat. The place where the glove meets the wrist is white, in order to fit the white jumpsuit.
His shoes are pure white booties, the only decoration is a golden v-shape at the top of the boot.
This white helmet has a golden lightning pattern on each side, which is very consistent with the character of the Auguste. The helmet is empty in the eyes part so that the person wearing the cosplay costume can see clearly.
This Auguste cosplay costume is very charming. After reading the introduction of this costume, I believe you are already full of passion. Don’t restrain your desire, go after what you want, and we all have what you want.
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